Fairy Jar Gouache Painting Workshop

Mushrooms, stars, and vines, oh my! It’s all things fall and fantasy for this beginner-friendly gouache painting workshop!

Northern Lights Watercolor Painting Class Sample

Paint a mystical fairy jar filled with mushrooms using illustration techniques.

Play with deep, saturated paints and delicate brushstrokes in this illustration workshop sourcing inspiration from all things fall in this beginner-friendly workshop! Gouache walks the line between acrylic paint and watercolor as it’s blendable but still highly pigmented which makes it easy to control and also easy to rework when things go awry. Fall in love with this underrated art media while getting in touch with your witchy, fantasy side. 

Already have what you need? Book yours “instruction only” to source your own supplies and receive a discount!

If you choose to have supplies included for this class you will receive:

  • Watercolor Paper (enough to share with a friend)
  • Gouache Paint Set and Brush

Please note some classes will require household items (cup, water, paper towel) or optional items (painters tape). 


How Does it Work?

Step 1

Sign up for your favorite workshops

Step 2

Receive your supplies in the mail

Step 3

Join class LIVE via video chat and interact in real time with your workshop leader or enjoy the replay in your own time.

Mama + Maker Colored Square
Milky Way Watercolor art Workshop example

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are workshops?
60-90 minutes
What level are the workshops at?
All classes are beginner friendly. Even if you are new to art or haven’t worked in the media before, you will create something beautiful you can be proud of.
Can kids take the workshops?

All classes will work well for young artists ages 12 and up. Some past classes are more kid-friendly and are great for parents and children to do together. Use our search function to find these out.

I have more than one person in the household who would like to take the class; can I pay for double supplies?

Yes, contact us and we will get a special package arranged for you. 

What platform are classes taught on?
LIVE classes are taught with WebEx (a video-chat service).
What time zone are LIVE class times in?