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Mama + Maker Creator Kasey Hock + Daughter
About Mama + Maker

Mama + Maker was founded in early 2020 as a way to explore how motherhood changes our identities and help break down barriers women (and mothers in particular) face to art-making.

In noticing what our community needed most, we have created something new.

  • We need connection, we created a facebook community.
  • We need easy ways to try new art, we developed accessible, flexible art classes.
  • We need to hear from women in powerful creative roles, we’re choosing them as our workshop leaders.
  • We need to provide access to classes for those who don’t have the means so we can truly serve everyone, we formed a scholarship fund powered by our merch.

Every day the challenges change and we are here to take the pulse and see what we can do to get more women connecting with themselves through art.

Our Mission

To empower women to celebrate their multifaceted identities, feel supported, and break down barriers to creative expression.
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Mama + Maker Colored Square
Mama + Maker Creator Kasey Hock + Family

Meet Kasey

Hey! I’m Kasey, an artist and photographer living in Green Bay with my family. I have over 10 years of teaching experience with a background of a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from UW-Green Bay.

Our Story

New Mom Life

In 2017 I gave birth to my daughter, Juniper, and immediately fell in love. In the same stride came overwhelming feelings of doubt and inadequacy. I struggled with breastfeeding; I was exhausted and constantly worried. I thought that might be how life would be forever.

Around 6 months the clouds parted. Juniper started to sleep and I learned to give myself a little grace. Then came a new struggle; I was surviving but felt as though I had lost who I was. I found myself in a crisis of identity constantly asking, “How does one find a way to be both mother and artist?” In other words, how do I mesh two versions of myself that don’t seem to have space for one another.

About Mama + Maker New Mom Life
About Mama + Maker New Mom Life Kasey's Daughter
Mama + Maker plein air painting on the beach There are no rules for  how things need to be done
There are No Rules

It took me a while to discover there are no rules for how things need to be done (a lesson I seem to need to relearn every decade). Truth is, when I have a creative outlet I am a better version of myself. And if there’s something out there that can make us happier people and better partners, mothers, employees, and community members, how can that be the last thing to make it onto our plate?

Mama + Maker Colored Square
About Green Bay, Wisconsin Mama + Maker Creator Kasey Hock with Daughter
Birthing Mama + Maker

Motherhood changes our identities, regardless of whether we call ourselves artists and regardless of if the art we make centers around motherhood or not. I wanted to find a way to connect with women and serve our community. So in 2020, I dove in.


  1. Art has only been a field “open to women” for about 50 years.
  2. Women usually take on more of the household duties, childcare, and emotional labor, which gives us less time.
  3. As adults we have spent years figuring out what we are good at, and the inverse, what we believe we are not good at. (And oftentimes, things like art get forgotten because there was only room for those three kids in high school to be “good artists” so why would you bother making anything?)

These things bothered me. Everyone deserves creative expression, not just a select few. And when I thought about how much more pronounced those barriers became when we factor in motherhood and our cultural belief that “good moms” put themselves last, all I could think was ouch.

So What Now?

I want to stand for the power of creativity and find ways to help women carve out time for themselves without feeling as though their inclination to try is silly, a waste of time, or they don’t belong.

What you are excited to make has value because you have value. I look forward to seeing you in one or our workshops or connecting with you in our Facebook community soon!


— Kasey

About Art Mama Kasey Hock with Daughter

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