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Motherhood changes our identity

as artists, whether the art we make centers around motherhood or not. Mama + Maker seeks to empower women to celebrate their twofold identity, feel supported, and break down barriers to creative expression.


  • Connections with a supportive online community
  • Accessible and easy ways to try new types of art and creative expression
  • Opportunities to hear from women in powerful creative roles

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Mama + Maker Colored Square
Mama + Maker Creator Kasey Hock and Daughter

Get to Know Mama + Maker

Mama + Maker was founded in early 2020 as a way to explore how motherhood changes our identities and help break down barriers women (and mothers in particular) face to art-making. 

Kasey is an artist and photographer in Green Bay, Wisconsin aiming to help women creatively connect with their families and themselves through Mama + Maker. She is a fashion enthusiast, serial over-celebrator, and mama to a three year old named Juniper.

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Scholarships are funded through Art Mama swag and given to women who might not be able to afford a class at this time. Giving them a chance to try a new art form with all supplies, instruction, and delivery included!

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And what people are saying

“Mama + Maker art classes have been some of my favorite activities over the last several months! Kasey is an excellent teacher. She creates classes that are fun and engaging for artists of every level. Classes are an awesome blend of how-to / technique instruction, and art history and theory. “

– Jackie, Door County Sunset Workshop

“We took several classes and they were phenomenal! They are very fun and easy to follow and are also an un-intimidating way to try something new! Kasey is a terrific teacher and she does a great job of providing clear and easy-to-understand instructions while also being engaging. I am by no means an artist and I was thrilled with the outcome of my project! I look forward to taking more!”

– Ryan, Watercolor Crayon Floral

“Kasey is a phenomenal teacher. She helps you feel creative, even if you’re hesitant. She makes trying a totally new way of making art approachable and exciting. And she clearly enjoys interacting with people of every skill level. Kits typically come with enough supplies that you can try it again in another way or have other people at home join in with you. These classes have helped me rediscover the joy of making art.”

– Ashley, Milky Way Watercolors

“My mom and I had a blast tonight!! Neither of us is remotely artistic but we wanted to try something new and this fit the bill. Instruction was great, loved the vibe — and we were both really happy with what we made! Excited to try something new again soon.”

– Kelly, Mother’s Day Floral Workshop

“I love indulging in self care with art classes from mama + maker. For me, these classes are really about allowing myself to be creative and connected to what my soul wants me to express.”

– Kaela, Boho Flower Crowns Workshop

“Our family is so grateful to have found Kasey and her art classes. Enrolling our artistic 10-year-old has afforded her the opportunity to learn so many different tools and techniques. Additionally, Kasey provides academic info about art styles and history, so it’s not just the hands on aspect of the education process. Kasey has a virtual teaching style and ability that really makes you feel like she’s right there with you. She can give on the spot feedback and help guide virtually. A bonus is that class replays can be paused and restarted if someone needs more time. I would definitely recommend anything Kasey offers, to be time and money well spent. “

– Sara, Vibrant Paper Marbling

“I have taken several Mama+Maker classes including: Milky Way Watercolor, Junk Journal Bookbinding and Hand Lettering. I enjoyed each of these classes, they were really fun and very creative! I am always excited to she what new classes are coming up next! Kasey is an amazing teacher!”

– Karen, Monet Inspired Waterlilies

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